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Spicy Recipes

Cooper's Small Batch pair amazingly with recipes from around the world. Our hot sauces & spices are designed to pair well with food, not to overwhelm.  You will find each of our hot sauces and spice grinders brighten recipes in wonderful, different ways. From using our Jerk Hot Sauce to make a delicious Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe, or using our award winning Tomatillo Hot Sauce to make a Cold Pasta Salad or pour on a morning burrito. Try our Brisket with Red Chile Posole that uses our famous Chipotle Hot Sauce, Smokin' Hot Date. Want an alternative to spicy jam, try our fruit hot sauces!

Colorado Hot Sauce Gift Set

Each of our nine Colorado Hot Sauces are made from scratch in Denver, Colorado, with all-natural ingredients. We don't use preservatives, thickeners or fillers, we use fresh chiles, garlic, onions, dates and other spices to make food-friendly hot sauces that elevate any dish. Each spice grinder is packed with a special blend of clean, all-natural ingredients, that are activated upon grinding to deliver distinctive culinary seasoning. 

Hot Sauce Gift Set

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Green Lentil Tadka Dal with Coconut rice

Plant Base Recipe w/ Leche Diablesa

*Insta. Kyra_Hauck Recipe (credited)

First tempering: onion, garlic, ginger, spices fried in oil, add some water to deglaze as you go. 

Then add cooked lentils, water, and chopped chili's bring to boil, test salt and spice level. Adjust if necessary.

Second Tempering: seperately fry garlic, onion ginger, chopped chili's, spices, salt in oil 

Mix in with lentils. Cook to desire thickness, then add spinach and fresh coriander to wilt.

Spices Used: ground cumin, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, garam masala, curry powder 


Thai brown rice. Rinse twice, add a can of coconut milk, water and Leche Diablesa hot sauce (white coconut milk hot sauce and tossed a dash in the dal too. Soak at least 30 min. then steam

Top with Fresh coriander and Enjoy

bowl of chili.jpg

Brisket With Red Chili Posole 


Smokin' Hot Date Hot Sauce - 1 bottle
3 Cans Beer

2 1/2 Onions

10 Cloves Garlic

20 Dried Gaujillo Peppers

1 Tbsp Cumin Seed

1 Tbsp Coriander

1 pd Pork Chorizo

4 Cups Cooked Posole

3 Tbsp Masa

4 Cups H2O

1/4 Cup Cheese

Preparation / Direction


Heavily season brisket with salt and pepper. Sear, add 2 cans of beer and 1 bottle of Smokin' Hot Date over brisket and rub. Cover brisket, and braise in oven at 300 degrees for 8 hrs and refrigerate.


Dice onion and caramelize. De - glaze onion pan with 1 can of beer. Reduce beer and add the cloves of chopped garlic, cumin, coriander, chorizo, Posole and masa. Continue to cook until chorizo is cooked.

Chili Base

Reconstitute 20 gaujillo peppers, puree, and strain to remove seeds. Combine chili and chili base together, finish by adding 4 cups of water.

lettuce wraps.jpg

Lettuce Wraps


5 thighs of boneless chicken 


Soy Sauce

Lettuce /Cabbage Wraps

Five spice


Jalapeno pepper

Lo mein noodles



Marinade chicken in 2 Tbsp of soy sauce and 1 tsp five spice for 15 min. Sauté chicken. Once chicken is brown and cooked through, add minced garlic and ginger- about 1 Tbsp each and 1 jalapeno quarter Add 2 Tbsp of Soy Sauce and one package (1lb) of lo mein noodles ( or you can use spaghetti) Sauté for 2- min until noodles are warm and mixed in with the sauce.  Salt and Pepper to taste.


Put Chicken into a lettuce / cabbage cup, add oriental rice crackers or peanuts. Top with Leche Diablesa


** This dish is perfect to use any one of our Colorado Hot Sauces in our Saucy Six Flavors depending on heat tolerance. Get our Hot Sauce Gift Set and use as dipping sauces to spice up any dinner! 


Jerk Chicken wings


Jerk My Chain Hot Sauce - 1/2 Bottle

1 Can Beer

24 Chicken Wings

Salt & Pepper

Preparation / Direction

Marinate chicken overnight in 1/2 bottle of Jerk My Chain and sprinkle with salt & pepper. ( Use an Oven Safe Dish)

Next day, add 1/2 can of beer, cover and cook for 2-hours at 350 degrees. 

For best taste, cool overnight. Bake (425), grill or broil until crispy. Serve with Ranch or Blue Cheese

For elevated taste

Secret #1: Apricot Dipping Sauce

Apricot nectar, honey and thyme. Salt and Pepper 


Cold Pasta Salad


Pasta any kind

Veggies any kind



1 jar Artichoke Hearts

Jal-up-in-yo Tomatillo Hot Sauce

Feta Cheese


Cook 1 box of Pasta, strain and add tons of veggies. Be creative, such as cauliflower, raw broccoli, baby corn, celery, carrots, hearts of palm, radish, etc. if you like it use it.

Secret #1: Artichoke hearts. Get the small jar marinated in oil & spices. Put the whole jar in.

Secret #2: Jal-up-in yo Tomatillo. Start with 3 Tbsp, mix it all together, add salt & pepper to taste. Continue this a few times, just to make sure you like the flavor. You will use about 1/2 the jar of hot sauce.


Refrigerate overnight, letting it sit allows for all the great spices to settle into the veggies and pasta! Sprinkle Feta Cheese and serve. 

spinach salad.jpg

Charcuterie Plate

Use Jamaica Killer Sauce & Peaches En Regalia when dressing up your plate. 

hamburger gorgonzola.jpg

Hamburger Recipe // Spicy Jamaica Killer Sauce

Simple recipe that does not need too much introduction. If you like a lot of spice to your hamburger, your'll love this recipe!



Blue Cheese/Gorgonzola (any kind)



Ground Beef /Substitute Vegetarian patty or Tofu 


Jamaica Killer Sauce

Corn Starch



Salt / Pepper

Greens (lettuce)


1. Season Burger patties with salt and pepper. Pan sear or grill you burger to desired temperature, I like med rare. (-Chef John)  

2. Crispy onions: Dust sliced red onion or shallot with corn starch.  Pan fry in small amount of oil until crispy. Remove and towel dry, and sprinkle salt. 

3. Mushrooms: Sauté in a pan with butter, salt, pepper, and a little thyme


Dress hamburger with lettuce, sautéed mushrooms, gorgonzola crumbles, fired onions, finished with a drizzle of Jamaica Killer Sauce, (Strawberry- Hibiscus-Lime flavor) *1st Place International Scovie Award winning hot sauce. 

Spinach Strawberry Salad


Organic Spinach

Organic Strawberries

Walnuts / Almonds 

Feta Cheese or Gorgonzola

Jamaica Killer Sauce


*add tofu, chicken or steak for added protein


Wash spinach in ice bath, gently dry with a paper towel. slice strawberries in 1/2. Mix in a bowl- organic spinach, strawberries, and walnuts and/or almonds. Right before serving, add cheese *recoommend gorgonzola,  and a drizzle withJamaica Killer Sauce for the finishing touch. 



Spicy V​egan Coleslaw // Leche Diablesa


1/2 Head of Cabbage, shredded/sliced* (or, roughly 4 cups)

4 Carrots, shredded

Salt and Pepper to taste (salt optional)

Leche Diablesa White Hot Sauce (vegan!)

(Use 1-2 Tablespoons to start, taste, and add more if you want more heat and flavor)



Stir all ingredients together, sample and add a little more of our white hot sauce or salt or pepper to balance it out. Chill for 1 hour and serve, or serve immediately.

Other optional ingredients:

Garlic, peppers, peanuts, nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, grapes, sesame oil, sliced apples, maple syrup or honey for sweetness, sesame seeds, lemon juice or lime juice. You could also toss this slaw with quinoa or noodles. *For the cabbage and carrots, you can make any amount you desire, you can use a whole head of cabbage which usually makes about 8-9 cups for a big crowd, double and adjust the amount of Leche Diablesa, our vegan white hot sauce accordingly.


You can also use purple cabbage for a purple/pink spicy vegan slaw. Short on time, you may also get pre-shredded coleslaw shredded cabbage and carrots if you don't want to chop, but believe us, chopping veggies is therapeutic stress relief. :)

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