Valentine's Day Food Gifts

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Our Colorado Hot Sauces make the BEST Valentine's Day Food Gifts!

Love is in the air this month ❤️❤️ looking for a great Valentine's Day Food Gift? Keep it spicy and order our Saucy Six Sampler Hot Sauce Gift Set and for that special someone in your life for Valentines Day!

This Hot Sauce Gift Set features our six delicious chef-created hot sauces that are sure to please that special chef, cooking enthusiast or foodie in your life. We have an amazing White Hot Sauce called Leche Diablesa that is to die for, as well as a mouth-watering Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up. Check out all six of our hot sauce flavors. All of our hot sauces are vegan, gluten-free, and made from scratch in Denver Colorado without any preservatives!

Valentine's Day dinner at home:

Give our 6 Hot Sauce Gift Set to that love of your life – and have a home cooked romantic meal by making roasted vegetables or meats and then use our hot sauces as dipping sauces! Our Chipotle Hot Sauce, lovingly named Smokin' Hot Date, is a delicious, deep dark chipotle sauce that makes a great dipping sauce for your Valentine's day date. Or our beloved Tomatillo Hot Sauce, named Jal up-in yo Tomatillo makes for a bright and beautiful spicy green dipping sauce.

Valentine's Day dinner at home - Use our Colorado Hot Sauces as Dipping Sauces with a Homecooked Meal

Using our six sauces for your home cooked Valentine's Day meal is an easy way to have a dipping sauce dinner and to enjoy the full range of our flavors with the loved one in your life. By the way, our hot sauces were not created to be super wicked hot, they actually are meant to complement food rather than overwhelm it, so using these as dipping sauces won't bring any tears to your eyes, you'll both just be craving more! ❤️

So give something besides just heart-boxes filled with chocolates. Get SPICY and get that special someone in your life the perfect Valentine's Day Food Gift – some extra-special small batch hot sauces made with love by a Chef right here in Denver, Colorado.

Want a local supply of our Colorado hot sauces? If you're in Colorado, California or New Mexico – we have lots of shops that sell our hot sauces! Find the closest retailer near you on our Hot Sauce Retailers Map »

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