Scovie award winning Cooper's Small Batch makes the best hot sauces right here in Denver, Colorado. We sell our hot sauces online, but you can also find them in specialty stores, regional grocery markets throughout Colorado as well as other states. Our Colorado hot sauces have tons of flavor unlike most of the hot sauces you find on the market. Our hot sauces are made with all-natural fresh ingredients like chipotle, strawberry, peaches, jalapeños, garlic, lime, coconut milk and other delicious real ingredients. All of our healthy hot sauces are vegan, preservative free, dairy-free, gluten free and are also lower in sodium.

Colorado Hot Sauce Retailers

Colorado Hot Sauce Gift Set

You will find our Hot Sauce Gift Sets and our nine Colorado Hot Sauces in many locations across Colorado and the US.  Search the map for the list of retailer closest to you and get your hands on our Colorado Hot Sauces in your neighborhood. You can also buy our Colorado hot sauces on our online store, we ship $50 and over orders for free! or visit our Amazon store.

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