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Shop our award winning products. A perfect gift for a spicy gourmet lifestyle.

Gift Ideas 

Twelve amazing flavors of hot sauce and four spice grinders,  all food-focused, flavor-driven.


Duo Sampler Set

Best variety hot sauce sets for the spicy enthusiast, foodies and chefs! This duo gift set has nine different unique hot sauce flavors

Saucy Six Sampler

Hot Sauce Gift Set – these sets make great gifts for chefs! Our chef-made hot sauces are food focused and flavor driven, and make the best gifts for cooks, and spicy enthusiasts.

Saucy Six Sampler 2.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 9.31.35 AM.png

6 Variety Starter Kit

A Perfect variety hot sauce starter kit. We have ten different flavors. You get to choose your own variety of six (6) hot sauce flavors.

Bloody Mary Bundle

Two delicious best selling products available in a set to gift to a Bloody Mary lover, or cooking enthusiast who enjoys fresh spices and hot sauce with the perfect balance of flavor and heat, and no overpowering notes of vinegar.


Spicy Bundle

Leche Diablesa is a soft and sumptuous hot sauce made from coconut milk, blended chili's and lime. A duo set designed for a cooking enthusiast who loves coconut milk and a dash of spice- the P.O.P spice grinder is a great side kick to elevate the coconut flavor and add heat on cuisines like curry dishes, fish taco's, salmon, rice and much more.

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