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After more than a decade of working in notable kitchens throughout the US, Chef John Davidson and his wife, Michelle, opened their own successful restaurant: The Crushery. Located in Denver Colorado's historic South Pearl Street neighborhood, The hotspot delighted foodies with homemade bagels, paninis, salads and even an ever-theatrical liquid nitrogen ice cream. The Crushery was beloved by locals and tourists alike.


As The Crushery thrived, Chef John struggled to find food-friendly sauces to complement his popular menu. He found that typical hot sauces had overwhelming notes of vinegar or were so spicy that just a couple of drops burnt the palate. What John craved was a lineup of hot sauces that would make flavors sing. That’s when John and Michelle took to the kitchen and Cooper’s Small Batch-named after their son-was born.

Colorado Hot Sauce Gift Set

Cooper’s Small Batch hot sauces were an instant hit at The Crushery, and John and Michelle saw an opportunity to expand. While John ruled the kitchen and the restaurants day-to-day operations, Michelle hit the road, introducing Cooper's Small Batch hot sauce to food enthusiasts throughout the US. 


In 2020, Cooper's Small Batch Spice Grinders was launched. A culinary blend created by John to add a twist of fresh flavor to any meal. Each table spice is packed with a special blend of ingredients that are activated when you grind-it, delivering a distinctive pop of culinary character. 


Both John and Michelle have a passion for bringing artisanal, Food-Focused, Flavor-Driven small batch hot sauces & spices to your kitchen. Handcrafted with only the freshest, all-natural ingredients, try each one and discover how Cooper’s Small Batch hot sauces & spices liven and enhance every meal. 

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