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Cooper's Recipes

Cooper's Small Batch pair amazingly with recipes from around the world. Our hot sauces & spices are designed to pair well with food, not to overwhelm.  You will find each of our hot sauces and spice grinders brighten recipes in wonderful, different ways.

Jerk Chicken wings


Jerk My Chain Hot Sauce - 1/2 Bottle

1 Can Beer

24 Chicken Wings

Salt & Pepper


Preparation / Direction

Marinate chicken overnight in 1/2 bottle of Jerk My Chain and sprinkle with salt & pepper. ( Use an Oven Safe Dish)

Next day, add 1/2 can of beer, cover and cook for 2-hours at 350 degrees. 

For best taste, cool overnight. Bake (425), grill or broil until crispy. Serve with Ranch or Blue Cheese

For elevated taste

Secret #1: Apricot Dipping Sauce

Apricot nectar, honey and thyme. Salt and Pepper

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