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Thirteen amazing hot sauces and four spice grinders, all food-focused, flavor-driven.

Award Winning Colorado's Hot Sauce, Cooper's Small Batch is made from scratch in Denver, Colorado. Our unique hot sauce a flavors are carefully crafted to enrich food with the freshest, feistiest flavors. Our hot sauces are not meant to be the hottest hot sauce you've ever had, rather, as Chefs, we are creating hot sauces that add spice and flavor to complement your dishes without overpowering the food. Our hot sauces won't make you cry, but they will make you want more!

Each of our hot sauce batches are made from scratch by hand. Our Colorado hot sauce recipes are always all-natural, vegan, gluten & preservative free, and we try to source locally-grown produce whenever possible. 


Our food-focused hot sauces pair well with lots of recipes. Additionally, our Colorado hot sauces are lower in sodium, so you can add a lot of flavor to your recipes without adding too much salt.


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Drunkin Funkin Limited Reserve: x Locke + Co. Distilling

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Cooper's Small Batch, Colorado #1 Award Winning gourmet hot sauce and Colorado award winning Whiskey makers Locke + Co. Distilling have collaborated to create, Drunkin Funkin, a Limited Reserve hot sauce made with exclusive black habanero peppers infused with Locke + Co charred Aspen aged Rye Whiskey discs and pumpkin. A smooth, sexy, and comforting sauce like none other.

Flavor Profile: Black Habanero-Pumpkin-Whiskey

Heat Level: Medium

Pairs Well With: Braised Meats, Eggs, Mac & Cheese (Comfort Food)

Bottle Size: 5oz (148ml)

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Hot Sauce Flavors

We have 13 amazing flavors of hot sauces, all that are food forward. Read more about them below:

Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 10.51.37

Tomatillo Hot Sauce: Jal up-in yo Tomatillo

Our tasty green Tomatillo hot sauce is beloved by foodies everywhere and is our three time Scovie Award winner for best Kid-friendly hot sauce! It has a garden-fresh flavor that complements nearly every dish. Try it straight out of the bottle with tortilla chips, on a taco, or even mix it with pasta and vegetables. Just the right amount of heat, this green hot sauce made with tomatillos, and jalapeños is sure to delight.

Chipotle Hot Sauce: Smokin' Hot Date

Make sure not to miss our tasty Colorado-made Chipotle hot sauce. Dark and sweet, this smoky hot sauce has deep flavor and just the right amount of heat. It makes for a great dipping sauce with roasted meats or vegetables, or drizzled over hummus and veggies. The perfectly blended flavor from freshly smoked chipotle peppers, dates and garlic brings a burst of flavor to any sandwich or dish. 

Jerk Hot Sauce: Jerk My Chain

If you love Jerk Sauce, then you have to try our special Jerk Hot Sauce. Made with love in small batches in Colorado, this jerk hot sauce has a great Caribbean flavor with a medium heat. As with all of our hot sauces, this hot sauce is made without preservatives and is gluten free and vegan. Use it to make spicy roasted cauliflower bites, add to sandwiches, or made jerk chicken wings!



Colorado Peaches Hot Sauce:        

Peaches En Regalia

If you like savory flavors, this hot sauce is an explosive improvisation, dressed up with the simple melody of peaches, habanero peppers, and the powerful aroma of rosemary. A sweet heat frenzy that pairs well with cheese plates, seafood, cured and smoked meats, and fried food. This Colorado peach hot sauce is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. 

 Strawberry Hot Sauce:            

Jamaica Killer Sauce

This is our hottest hot sauce. So, don't be fooled by her pretty pink facade. Colorado-made sauce lead with succulent strawberry, lime and hibiscus, but soon, her sweet hot heat slithers up your tongue- a treat paired perfectly on cheese plates, cured and smoked meats, fresh spinach, fruit salads, and so much more! This hot sauce is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. 

Cranberry and Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Perfect Storm

A cooling breeze of Orange and Pineapple swirls in the eye of this storm. A zing of Cranberry adds a tart edge before Ghost chili's turn up the heat, creating the perfect storm. 

Ghost of Serrana.png

Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up

This hot sauce has a nice Thai kick. Made in Denver with exotic ingredients like curry, lime leaves, and red chile, it goes great with dishes from all over the world! Add a touch of Thailand to roasted vegetables, meats, stir fries, curry dishes, and so much more! Gluten free, preservative free, and vegan, this Thai hot sauce is sure to please any foodie or chef!

White Hot Sauce: Leche Diablesa

Our sumptuous white hot sauce named Leche Diablesa is made with simple ingredients like Coconut milk, chili peppers and limes. This white hot sauce is dairy-free and vegan, as the natural cream comes from coconuts. Pair this spicy white sauce with seafood, chicken or vegetables. Nicknamed our “Magic Hot Sauce”, the combined flavors of coconut, limes and chili takes any recipe up a notch. 

Habanero Hot Sauce: Grundle Thumper

If you like it hot, this one is for you! One of the best flavored Habanero Hot Sauces in the world, we have paired Habanero peppers with Arbol Chiles and garlic to create a hot sauce that is hot, but not too hot and full of flavor. Made by hand in Colorado, this is a chef's Habanero hot sauce!


Serrano & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce: Ghost of Serr-Ana

If you prefer a hot green pepper sauce vs. a hot red pepper sauce this green Serrano and green Ghost pepper Hot, hot sauce is the perfect blend of shiso, seaweed, and a hint of popcorn. A smooth and well balance flavor profile. Pair this spicy green hot sauce with oysters, seafood, eggs, tacos and so much more!

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