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Grundle Thumper

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UPC: 868653000408
Brand: Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce

Grundle Thumper is an award winning hot sauce and our #1 best seller. Made with simple, fresh ingredients- habanero, arbol chili and garlic. Perfect for the spicy lover who add's hot sauce on everything. Visit our recipe page for cooking ideas.

Every bottle is lovingly handcrafted in Denver, CO. Always all-natural, gluten and preservative free, vegan, no fillers, no emulsifiers. Refrigerate after opening. *separation is natural

Flavor Profile: Habanero - Arbol Chili - Spices

INGREDIENTS: Onion, Garlic, Habanero, Arbol Chili,Vinegar, Salt, Spices

Heat Scale: Hot

Size: 5 oz (148ml)

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