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Twelve amazing hot sauces and four spice grinders, all food-focused, flavor-driven.

Thai Me Up

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Thai inspired flavors. Thai Me up has a ginger flavor and medium to hot heat. Simple ingredients like Kafir lime, lemon grass, and red chili make this the perfect craft Thai hot sauce. Pairs well with dishes from all over the world and yummy on roasted vegetables, stir fries, Pho, and curry dishes. A food friendly sauce that's sure to please any foodie that enjoys Asian cuisine. Visit our recipe page for cooking ideas

Each bottle is lovely handmade with the best ingredients, in Denver CO. Always all-natural, gluten free, preservative free, vegan, no fillers, no emulsifiers.

Flavor Profile: Ginger, Kafir Lime, Red Chili

INGREDIENTS: Onion, Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, Lemon Grass, Thai Chili, Salt, Lime Juice, Lime Leaf, Curry Leaf, Spices

Heat Scale: Medium to Hot

Size: 5 oz(148ml)

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Shop Our Award Winning 
Hot Sauce 
& Spice Grinder

Thirteen amazing hot sauces and four spice grinders, all food-focused, flavor-driven.

Award Winning Colorado's Hot Sauce, Cooper's Small Batch is made from scratch in Denver, Colorado. Our unique hot sauce a flavors are carefully crafted to enrich food with the freshest, feistiest flavors. Our hot sauces are not meant to be the hottest hot sauce you've ever had, rather, as Chefs, we are creating hot sauces that add spice and flavor to complement your dishes without overpowering the food. Our hot sauces won't make you cry, but they will make you want more!

Each of our hot sauce batches are made from scratch by hand. Our Colorado hot sauce recipes are always all-natural, vegan, gluten & preservative free, and we try to source locally-grown produce whenever possible. 


Our food-focused hot sauces pair well with lots of recipes. Additionally, our Colorado hot sauces are lower in sodium, so you can add a lot of flavor to your recipes without adding too much salt.


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