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Black Habanero-Black Garlic
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Tsumami is in a class by itself. Cooked for 21-days yielding a bold and rich flavor unlike any other hot sauce. A daring blend of black habanero, black garlic, and miso explode on the palate delivering a wave of devastating flavor.

Flavor Notes: Black Garlic, Habanero, Miso

Pairs Well: Steak, Pork, Tofu, Rice, Whiskey, Red Wine.

Every bottle is lovingly handcrafted in Denver, CO. Always all-natural, gluten and preservative free, vegan, no fillers, no emulsifiers. Refrigerate after opening. *separation is natural

INGREDIENTS: Black Garlic, Habanero, Prunes, Raisins, Prune Juice, Water, Miso, Chinese Vinegar, Balsamic, Salt, Anise

Heat Level: Hot

Size: 5 oz (148ml)

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