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Hot Sauce & Spice Grinders 

We have nine amazing flavors of hot sauce and five spice grinders,  all that are food forward.

White Hot Sauce
Leche Diablesa

Our surprising and sumptuous creamy hot sauce named Leche Diablesa  is made in Colorado from simple ingredients like Coconut milk, lime and chili peppers. This creamy hot sauce is one of our customer favorites and really adds a tropical spice to many dishes. Our unique white hot sauce is dairy-free and vegan. It is delicious when paired with food such as on seafood, fish, asian rice dishes, vegetables and so much more like popcorn. We call this white hot sauce our magic hot sauce, the flavor combinations of coconut, lime and spice elevates simple recipes to a culinary masterpiece.

Tomatillo Hot Sauce-Award Winning

Jal up-in yo Tomatillo

Our Tomatillo hot sauce is highly sought-after by foodies for garden-fresh taste with an acidic twist that elevates the flavors of any dish. Our customers love to use this green hot sauce as a marinade on pasta, or poured into a bowl and enjoyed with chips. This is a mild hot sauce that has great tomatillo and jalapeño flavor with just the right amount of heat that you'll keep craving more, but it won't make you cry. 

Chipotle Hot Sauce-Award Winning
Smokin' Hot Date

If you like smoky chipotle flavor with a hint of sweet, you'll love this smoked hot sauce. It has delicious dark flavor with a slight sweetness and just the right amount of heat. Smokin’ Hot Date is especially good as a dipping sauce. Mix it in hummus with veggies and pretzels and makes for a great healthy snack. Finishing sauce when grilling pork, chicken or ribs.  Each batch of this special Chipotle sauce is made in Denver, Colorado from fresh smoked chipotle peppers, dates and garlic for the perfect blended flavor.

Colorado Peaches Hot Sauce:        

Peaches En Regalia

If you like savory flavors, this hot sauce is an explosive improvisation, dressed up with the simple melody of peaches, habanero peppers, and the powerful aroma of rosemary. A sweet heat frenzy that pairs well with cheese plates, seafood, cured and smoked meats, and fried food. This Colorado peach hot sauce is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. 



Ghost Pepper / Cranberry Hot Sauce

Perfect Storm

A cooling breeze of Orange and Pineapple swirls in the eye of this storm. A zing of Cranberry adds a tart edge before Ghost chili's turn up the heat, creating the Perfect Storm. 

Jerk Hot Sauce
Jerk My Chain

This small batch jerk hot sauce is tempting and exotic with a medium kick. Inspired by Caribbean jerk sauce, you can add this to food for a perfect island flavor. Made from the best all-natural ingredients, this sauce, like all of our sauces, is gluten free and preservative free. This Colorado made Jerk hot sauce can be used to make Jerk chicken wings, or to make spicy jerk vegetables, add to rice dishes, and so much more. 


Habanero Hot Sauce-Award Winning
Grundle Thumper

One of our hotter hot sauces, this is the best habanero hot sauce because it is complex and tasty with simple all-natural ingredients including Habanero peppers paired with Arbol Chiles, and just a hint of garlic. This spicy hot sauce is hot but not too hot, and it will leave you craving more. The Habaneros and Arbol chiles combine to make an exceptionally tasty hot sauce. Each batch of this habanero and arbol chile hot sauce is lovingly handmade in small batches in Denver, Colorado.


Thai Hot Sauce-Award Winning
Thai Me Up

Our hottest hot sauce, this distinct and exotic thai hot sauce livens up any dish with an authentic Thai Kick. With curry, lime leaves and red chile, this sauce is tasty on thai or asian dishes as well as on roasted vegetables, rice, potatoes and more. This Colorado made hot sauce is sure to delight chefs and home cooks alike as it pairs so nicely with so many foods, adding a wonderful spicy Thai flavor to every dish.

Strawberry Hot Sauce-Award Winning 

Jamaica Killer Sauce

This is our hottest hot sauce. So, don't be fooled by her pretty pink facade. Colorado-made sauce lead with succulent strawberry, lime and hibiscus, but soon, her sweet hot heat slithers up your tongue- a treat paired perfectly on cheese plates, cured and smoked meats, fresh spinach and fruit salads, and so much more! This hot sauce is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. 

Spice Grinder

Say goodbye to dull spices. Add a twist of fresh flavor to any meal with Cooper's Small Batch Spice Table Grinders.  Each one is packed with a special blend of clean all-natural ingredients, that are activated when grinding to deliver distinctive pop not culinary character. 

Bloody Mary Grinder

Celery- Jalapeno- Tomato

Scovie Award Winner

P.O.P Grinder

Pepper on Pepper

Scovie Award Winner

La Vaca Grinder

Smoke - Chili - Umami

Soigne Grinder

Herbs - Lemon-Pepper

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 Saucy Fans

Rob S.

 Grundle Thumper is absurdly good. It is the greatest hot sauce I've ever had. Friends brought me two bottles back from a trip to Colorado. Almost out and looking forward to trying a few other new ones. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Lisa B.

"You absolutely must try "Smokin Hot Date". My only complants are that they don't offer it in a larger bottle, and I can't find it Iowa!"

Todd C.

"Best variety of hot sauce for any occasion. It’s like the pepper gods came down and smack this crew with the skills to make amazingness"

Carrie E.

"Jal Tomatillo is so tasty, I love it on my eggs and it is amazing on grilled chicken. Can't wait to hear how everyone else uses it!!"

Landis H

"I’m so goddamn in love with Smoking Hot Date I don’t know what to do with myself. I was so enthusiastic at Snooze that they gave me a free bottle (which I demolished in a period of days) and now I’m finally coming back for more. May the hot sauce gods smile on your good work. Stay healthy". 

Tracie M.

"Just got a chance to try all the hot sauces and all I can say is they are amazing. Very unique flavors. I would highly recommend."

Zoe D.

"The tomatillo one is amazing! I mixed my salad with it. It is so good. The Leche diablesa is probably the most unique one of all."

Zach M.

"I’m using them every day in Kuwait. It makes the chow hall food edible. Thanks for making some kick ass sauces."

Andrew R.

"Flavor!! I buy a lot hot sauce but after tasting your at a Farmer's Market and going through the bottles I bought their I need more. Grundle Thumper will be my go to from here on out and I'm excited to try the new flavors. The heat is there, but, unlike others, Cooper's has found the perfect balance, immense flavor with the heat that searches and finds you but won't kill you once it does. Perfection."

Alicia R.

"Amazing hot sauce made
by amazing people!"

Idelle F.

"I love your creamy white hot sauce, Leche Diablesa! It adds a great tropical flavor to any dish without being overwhelming. Top notch."

Giovanni L.

" We purchased a 6 bottle sampler during a recent trip and devoured the Leche Diablesa in 2 days. Al of them are delicious, but this one is our favorite!"

Mike W.

The Crushery was an absolute staple back in college- My roommates and Me were in there nearly every day. And every day since they closed some years back- I've been dreaming of this hot sauce. (Jal up-in-yo Tomatillo) So glad I am able to get it again. 


"I'm a HUGE hot sauce fan and the Grundle Thumper checks both boxes for me. It has some, kick, but not too much PLUS It has an unbelievable flavor. Typically, you get hot OR flavor. Grundle Thumper gives you both!"

Rachel U.

"Delicious! Great variety from mild to hot with varying flavors!"

Anthony G

Had your grundle thumper at growler USA was amazing knew I had to get some for the house.

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