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Cooper's Small Batch

Cooper's Small Batch is
carefully crafted to enrich food with the
freshest feisty flavors


Award Winning Hot Sauce

Small Batch Handcrafted Sauces. 
All-Natural, Gluten Free, Preservative Free.

Real, Fresh Ingredients:

  • No Fillers

  • No oil

  • Lower in Sodium

  • No Sugar

  • Flavor Forward

  • Taste the Ingredients

Spice Grinder

Say goodbye to dull spices. Add a twist of fresh flavor to any meal with Cooper's Small Batch Spice Table Grinders.  Each one is packed with a special blend of clean all-natural ingredients, that are activated when grinding to deliver distinctive pop not culinary character. 


Shop our Spice Grinders

Pairs Well With:

  • Our Award Winning Hot Sauce 

  • Grilled Veggies 

  • Grilled Meats 

  • Cocktails

  • Seafood 

  • Stews 

Anything that needs fresh flavor!

Gift Sets

These Hot Sauce Gift sets make great gifts for chefs!
Our chef-made hot sauces are food focused and flavor driven, and make the best gifts for cooks, and spicy enthusiasts. Our Hot Sauce Gift Set includes a unique variety of specialty hot sauces


Hot Sauce Gift Sets

Our Hot Sauce Gift Sets include a unique variety, travel size specialty hot sauces flavors. 

Our chef-made hot sauces are:

  • Food focused

  • Flavor driven

And make the best gifts for cooks, and spicy enthusiasts 

Spicy Testimonials


Traci M.

"Just got a chance try all the hot sauces and all I can say is they are amazing. Very unique flavors. I would highly recommend."

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 9.31.35 AM.png

Todd C.

"Best variety of hot sauce for any occasion. It's like the pepper gods came down and smacked this crew with the skills to make amazingness."

Leche Diablesa 2.jpg

Idelle F

"I love your creamy white hot sauce, Leche Diablesa! It adds a great tropical flavor to any dish without being overwhelming. Top Notch."

Grundle Thumper 2.jpg

Rob S.  Grundle Thumper is absurdly good. It is the greatest hot sauce I've ever had. Friends brought me two bottles back from a trip to Colorado. Almost out and looking forward to trying a few other new ones. Thank you!!!!!!!!! ​ Andrew R "Flavor!! I buy a lot hot sauce but after tasting your at a Farmer's Market and going through the bottles I bought their I need more. Grundle Thumper will be my go to from here on out and I'm excited to try the new flavors. The heat is there, but, unlike others, Cooper's has found the perfect balance, immense flavor with the heat that searches and finds you but won't kill you once it does. Perfection." ​ Adam E. "I'm a HUGE hot sauce fan and the Grundle Thumper checks both boxes for me. It has some kick, but not too much PLUS it has an unbelievable  flavor. Typically, you get hot OR flavor. Grundle Thumper give you both!"

Smokin Hot Date 2.jpg

Landis H "I’m so goddamn in love with Smoking Hot Date I don’t know what to do with myself. I was so enthusiastic at Snooze that they gave me a free bottle (which I demolished in a period of days) and now I’m finally coming back for more. May the hot sauce gods smile on your good work. Stay healthy".  ​ Lisa B. "You absolutely must try "Smokin Hot Date." My only complaints are that they don't offer it in a larger bottle, and I can't find it Iowa!" ​ Lori B. "You've knocked it out of the park with this one! (Jal Up-In-Yo Tomatillo) We have tried all of your sauces and although not the hottest, this is the most delicious sauce you make in my opinion! Love the small batches, love the small business. I might be 1,000 miles away, but I will always get my hot sauce from you! Keep up the delicious work!" ​ ‍

Jal-up-in-yo Tomatillo 2.jpg

Mike W.  The Crushery was an absolute staple back in college- My roommates and Me were in there nearly every day. And every day since they closed some years back- I've been dreaming of this hot sauce. (Jal up-in-yo Tomatillo) So glad I am able to get it again.  ​ Zoe D. "The tomatillo one is amazing! I mixed my salad with it. It is so good. the Leche diablesa is probably the most unique one of all."

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