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Best Hot Sauces 2019

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Looking for the BEST Hot Sauces in 2019? Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces are made with love in Denver, Colorado. We make all of our small batch hot sauces from scratch using only all-natural ingredients. Our hot sauces are gluten-free, vegan, and free of preservatives or thickening agents. And while they're low in sodium, they're HIGH in flavor! We started making these special hot sauces for our restaurant The Crushery in Denver, and they quickly became a top-requested item so we decided to start bottling and selling the hot sauces. Created by Chef John Davidson, these hot sauces were designed to pair well with food, rather than overwhelm it. If you haven't tried them, make sure to try all six of our hot sauces in 2019 – you'll definitely be wowed and you'll be craving more. Read some of our customer reviews below.

The tomatillo one is amazing! I mixed my salad with it. It is so good. The Leche Diablesa is probably the most unique one of all. I’d like to see limited sauces for a season. Like winter and a Christmas hot Sauce. – Zoe D.

Just got a chance to try all the hot sauces and all I can say is they are amazing. Very unique flavors. I would highly recommend. – Tracie M.

Jal Tomatillo is so tasty, I love it on my eggs and it is amazing on grilled chicken. Can't wait to hear how everyone else uses it!! – Carrie E.

I'm a HUGE hot sauce fan and the Grundle Thumper checks both boxes for me. It has some, kick, but not too much PLUS It has an unbelievable flavor. Typically, you get hot OR flavor. Grundle Thumper gives you both! – Adam

I’m using them every day in Kuwait. It makes the chow hall food edible. Thanks for making some kick ass sauces. – Zach M.

Amazing hot sauce made by amazing people! – Alicia R.

You absolutely must try "Smokin Hot Date". My only compliants are that they don't offer it in a larger bottle, and I can't find it Iowa! – Lisa B. Wow! We just tried the Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce Gift Set which had all six of their sauces, and every one is amazing! They all have unique flavors, my husband really loved the Tomatillo Hot Sauce: Jal up-in yo Tomatillo and the Leche Diablesa, which is an amazingly spicy and flavorful white hot sauce. I also loved Leche Diablesa and their amazing Grundle Thumper - it has got to be the BEST habanero hot sauce out there... it has such great flavor! It was fun using these as dipping sauces with our Valentine's Day dinner, they really do complement the food rather than overwhelm it. I love spicy food and hot sauces, and these have got to be the best six hot sauces I've ever tasted. I also love that they're made with all natural ingredients. – Idelle F.

Best variety of hot sauce for any occasion. It’s like the pepper gods came down and smack this crew with the skills to make amazingness. – Todd C.

Hummy. Love the jerk chain – Maria V.

Delicious! Great variety from mild to hot with varying flavors! – Rachel U.

Try the coconut one! – Moriah B.

I love me the Coopers Small Batch hot sauces!! This gift set is perfect! Gets me to the hot flavors that I love and a couple tamer flavors for the wife and kids. – Adam

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