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Colorado Farmer's Markets

In the spring, Farmers and product creators from all around Colorado come to farmers markets and sell their product to the people living in the community and tourists. But, what attracts people to the farmers markets in the first place? Is it the fresh products, the delicious food, or the smell of the chili roasters in the distance? It’s a combination, the springtime is when entrepreneurs like owners of Cooper’s Small Batch hot sauce John and Michelle take to the streets in local communities to connect with their audience intimately and experience first-hand how their product will live and breathe in today’s market.

At farmers markets, Colorado hot sauces are growing in popularity. Spicy patrons are seeking out local hot sauce at farmers markets to add to their collection. Cooper's Small Batch has gained popularity as one of the top hot sauces to seek out at farmers markets. There are 6 variants of flavors with two new flavors launching summer 2019. All of Cooper’s Small Batch sauces are designed to complement food, not overpower or clash with existing flavors. All of Cooper's Small Batch hot sauces are all-natural, vegan, and lower in sodium. #hotsauce #coloradohotsauce #besthotsauce2019

A favorite hot sauce sold is their white hot sauce Leche Diablesa. This hot sauce is made with coconut milk (dairy-free) and attracts a large crowd at farmers markets waiting to get their hands on a bottle. Leche Diablesa is one of the top selling sauces at the farmers markets and retailers. It is the most unique hot sauces on the market and brings out flavors in fish, many kinds of seafood, and can also be used as a substitute for mayonnaise. #coconutmilkhotsauce #coconutmilk

We continue to ask why do people choose farmers markets over grocery stores, isn’t it more convenient at a grocery store? Yes, of course it is during the winter months, but once spring arrives, the local farm to table concept comes alive. In fact people wait just for the weekly farmers market to stock their refrigerator and pantries with fresh, hard to find items exclusive at the farmers market.

There are so many good reasons and benefits in going to a farmers market. It’s a great day to spend with family and friends. Meeting business owners and interacting with them on their product is all around educational and fun at the same time. Plus, when you meet your local community, it’s a great way to be connected to the world around you. Attending farmers markets can increase your health for your body, mind and spirit. #coloradocommunity, #denverfarmersmarkets

Overall, Farmers Markets are just plain out enjoyable. If you are visiting Colorado or live here, come out and support Colorado farmers markets. Cooper’s Small Batch will have a tent set up all season long at the markets listed below. Not able to make it to the farmers markets, no problem! Cooper's Small Batch is sold at over 100 retailers across the US and on their website at:

#farmersmarkets : Historical South Pearl Street Market | Southlands Market | University Hills Market | Littleton Market | Stanley Market | Union Square | Boulder Market

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