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Review our Colorado Hot Sauce

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Review our Colorado Hot Sauces on Google »

Have you recently tried our hot sauces? Then tell us what you think! Review us on Google »

Every review helps our small Denver-based business thrive. Thank you for your time and feedback! Any Concerns or Questions? Feel free to contact us here »

Below are some of our happy customer reviews:

“The tomatillo one is amazing! I mixed my salad with it. It is so good. The Leche Diablesa is probably the most unique one of all. I’d like to see limited sauces for a season. Like winter and a Christmas hot Sauce.” – Zoe D. I'm a HUGE hot sauce fan and the Grundle Thumper checks both boxes for me. It has some, kick, but not too much PLUS It has an unbelievable flavor. Typically, you get hot OR flavor. Grundle Thumper gives you both!” – Adam I'm using them every day in Kuwait. It makes the chow hall food edible. Thanks for making some kick ass sauces.” – Zach M.

Colorado Hot Sauce Reviews

You absolutely must try "Smokin Hot Date". My only compliants are that they don't offer it in a larger bottle, and I can't find it Iowa!” – Lisa B.

“Just got a chance to try all the hot sauces and all I can say is they are amazing. Very unique flavors. I would highly recommend.” – Tracie M.

“Jal Tomatillo is so tasty, I love it on my eggs and it is amazing on grilled chicken. Can't wait to hear how everyone else uses it!!” – Carrie E.

“The Leche Diabelsa white hot sauce is decadent and makes every meal special. Every time my husband has a bite with this sauce on it, he exclaims – that's a special hot sauce!” – Heather B. “We love Grundle Thumper for it's adorable label and it's amazing flavor. Plus, the fact that is has 0% sodium per serving means we can add it guilt-free to our dishes. Thanks for making such a wonderful, flavorful assortment of hot sauces! All six flavors are outstanding.” – Brian C. “I love your mild hot sauces – all six of your hot sauces please both my wife and I, even though she doesn't like spicy. She says your hot sauces are delicious because they're not so hot like a lot of hot sauces. She says she can still taste the food! We'll be keeping all six of your hot sauce flavors on hand from here on out.” – Jeff J.

South Pearl Street Farmers Market

Best Hot Sauces 2019

“These are foodie hot sauces. Perfect on anything, and each has a wonderful flavor that enhances recipes. Love all six!” – Keith

“I'm a vegan and the Leche Diablesa is an AMAZING substitute for cheese and dairy on practically any dish. Thank you for creating the best white hot sauce!” – Jennifer K. “Your Thai Me Up hot sauce is amazing on asian dishes, I love drizzling it over my yaki soba noodles! Tangy and spicy, it's not too hot, just right. Much better than Sriracha, which has a little too much heat for me.” – Peter B. View more of our Hot Sauce Reviews »

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