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Colorado Hot Sauce-Westword writes about Cooper's Small Batch

Owning the restaurant, The Crushery on South Pearl Street and being part of the Denver restaurant scene was an important stepping stone in developing the brand Cooper's Small Batch, and the line up we have today. The four core sauces sold and available for patrons to use at the restaurant where: the Grundle Thumper, (Habanero and Garlic) , Smokin' Hot Date, (Chipotle and Dates). Jerk My Chain, (traditional Caribbean flavors). And, Jal up-in-yo Tomatillo, the mildest of all the sauces, however she is one mean green machine packed with lot's of flavor.

The two new sauces developed this year that round out the saucy six is; Leche Diablesa, a white hot sauce made with coconut milk, lime, spices and chilies, we call it our magic sauce! and Thai Me Up, asian inspired sauce with so much depth of flavor; the food you have delivered to your home will taste so good!

So what's next...... Stay tuned, new developments are brewing, and should be available in 2019. In the mean-time, try some of our hot sauces, we won't hard! all of the sauces are available to order online and will ship anywhere in the USA.

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