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Healthy Tuna Salad Without Mayo

Here’s a simple and healthy recipe for mayo-free tunafish salad. This is a healthier alternative to making a tuna fish sandwich without mayo. Our mild Tomatillo Hot Sauce, Jal up-in yo Tomatillo, helps make this Healthy Tuna Salad Without Mayo– it adds flavor and zing so you won't miss the Mayonnaise! This is a good lower calorie and egg-free alternative to the classic tuna salad:

Tuna Salad Without Mayo Recipe:


1 can tuna fish 2-3 Tbsp Tomatillo Mild Hot Sauce, Jal up-in yo Tomatillo Chopped Celery Chopped onions (we like to use red onions and/or Green Onions, but any will do) Chopped dill pickles ( maybe) if you like pickles Salt & Pepper


Mix all ingredients together and make sandwiches or use on a salad, or on crackers. If making sandwiches, garnish with lettuce and tomato or top with cheese and make an open faced tuna melt! Just add this mayo-free tuna salad to a nice slice of bread, then cover with cheese and put under the broiler for 3-5 minutes or until the cheese has melted and browned to your liking. Optional: Add apples, grapes, fresh cilantro or parsley for more flavor! * Secret Chef Tip for Onions: If you have a strong onion, to cut down on the bite, peel and dice up the onion as called for in your recipe, then soak a bowl of cold or ice water for at least ten minutes, stirring once or twice and changing the water if super strong. Then drain the onion, and using them in this recipe. This will sweeten the onion. This has saved many a recipe from too-strong raw onions!

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