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White Hot Sauce

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

If you love hot sauce, then you're going to love our special White Hot Sauce named Leche Diablesa. This delicious coconut-cream based white hot sauce is a foodie's delight. Leche Diablesa is made from all natural ingredients including coconut milk, chili peppers and lime – and it's vegan, gluten-free, and made without preservatives.

This hot sauce is our customers' favorite as it's an amazing white sauce that livens up all sorts of dishes ranging from vegetables to seafood and pasta.

We call it our "Magic Hot Sauce" because it really elevates any dish! Created by Chef John Davidson and his wife, Michelle, this white hot sauce is sure to become one of any cooking enthusiast's favorite sauces to add to recipes. With the creaminess of coconuts, this sauce has just the right amount of heat and flavor – it is beautiful when drizzled over a dish right before serving, giving plates a spicy elegance.

Vegan White Hot Sauce:

Vegans also delight in this hot sauce, which adds a creamy heat without any dairy for animal products. It is amazing over rice or vegetable dishes and even soups and stews. If you're avoiding or eliminating cheese and dairy from your diet, then this is the perfect white hot sauce to add flavor and spice to your food!

So if you're looking for a White Hot Sauce that goes with nearly everything and is not overpowering so you can still taste your food, check out Leche Diablesa. We also sell this white hot sauce with 5 of our other amazing chef-created hot sauce flavors in a Hot Sauce Gift Set – it makes a great gift for any foodie, vegan or cooking enthusiast!

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