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Cooper's Recipes

Cooper's Small Batch pair amazingly with recipes from around the world. Our hot sauces & spices are designed to pair well with food, not to overwhelm.  You will find each of our hot sauces and spice grinders brighten recipes in wonderful, different ways.

Spicy Queso Dip- Grundle Thumper


2 Tbsp butter 

I Tbsp all- purpose flour 

1 cup whole milk 

1 Tbsp mayo 

1/z cup chorizo or bacon 

1 cup shredded cheese / 1 cup Velveeta  

2 Tbsp Grundle Thumper hot sauce 

Salt & Pepper

1 Tomato

1/2 Avocado

Yields 1-2 serving 


Preparation / Direction

In a sauté pan cook bacon or chorizo until golden brown and crisp. Set aside.  

In a sauté  pan, mix butter and flour. Cook at medium temperature for 1-minute. Whisk in milk, whisking consistently, bring to simmer. Next whisk in cheese, whisking constantly, bring to simmer. Add Grundle Thumper , tomato, salt and pepper to taste.

Serve in a bowl or hot skillet garnish with bacon or chorizo and avocado

*Add more Grundle Thumper for a hotter Queso Dip. 

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