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Best Gifts for Cooks

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Best Gifts for Cooks

Finding the perfect gifts for cooks and chefs can be difficult, you don't want to get them another kitchen gadget that they won't use. As chefs, we always like to give and receive the gift of food! Food is ALWAYS something we can use! And our small-batch Colorado-made hot sauces are the perfect food gift for cooks.

Our hot sauces were crafted here in Denver by Chef John, who created these hot sauces to pair well with the food that we used to serve at our former restaurant, The Crushery, on Pearl Street in Denver. John cooked up these hot sauces because he found that most of the hot sauces available were designed to be super hot, or they had too much vinegar or salt and would overpower the food. So he started brewing up these hot sauces regularly for the restaurant, and they ended up taking on a life of their own. People wanted to bring bottles of our magic sauces home to use on their own dishes to make them sing. Any foodie, chef, home-cook will appreciate these delicious hot sauces. They are all vegan, preservative-free, and are made with fresh, real, all-natural ingredients – just as any chef would want! Cooks and chefs know that fresh is best, and, with small batch hot sauces, you are getting a much fresher sauce that is made from real ingredients that taste amazing.

Best Gifts for Cooks  - Small Batch Hot Sauces

Best Gifts for Cooks - Leche Diablesa Small Batch Hot Sauce

The one sauce that Chefs seem to love most is our extra-special White Hot Sauce: Leche Diablesa as it is a very unique hot sauce! We call it our magic hot sauce as it makes any dish shine! Crafted in small batches with creamy coconut, lime, and chili peppers, this amazing creamy sauce makes your tastebuds sing. It has the perfect blend of heat and rich flavor that elevates any chef dish. This sauce was designed to pair with food rather than overwhelm it, so all cooks appreciate it's magic qualities in the kitchen. :)

All five of our other hot sauce flavors are also perfect gifts for chefs, because each one has a unique flavor profile that make all kinds of recipes shine. Another chef favorite is our smokey Chipotle Hot Sauce, Smokin' Hot Date which has a deep, rich flavor. For a garden-fresh burst of flavor, chefs also love our Tomatillo Hot Sauce, Jal up-in yo Tomatillo which brings the bright flavor of tomatillos to any dish. Our hottest hot sauce (but it still isn't tastebud-maiming) is our Thai Hot Sauce, Thai Me Up which works well on a wide variety of recipes. And for a taste of the Caribbean, chefs love to add our flavorful Jerk Hot Sauce: Jerk My Chain to everything from classic jerk chicken wings to roasted vegetables, potatoes or beans and rice dishes. And all of our hot sauces make excellent quick dipping sauces for chefs who want a night off! Chefs love dipping simple roasted vegetables, fried potatoes, or sourdough breads for instant mouth-watering goodness.

Best Gifts for Cooks - Hot Sauce Gift Set

Our Hot Sauce Gift Set is the perfect gift for chefs as it has all six of our hot sauce bottles so they can experience the full range of flavors. These are more mild hot sauces that were created by chefs for chefs. We sell a lot of our hot sauce bottles to restaurants who don't want people to drizzle any standard overpowering hot sauce on their dishes. These hot sauces won't take over the flavor of chef's dishes, instead they elevate and enhance food.

Best Gifts for Cooks for Christmas - Give Hot Sauce!

So if you're needing a Christmas, Birthday or other special occasion gift for any chef or cook in your life, make sure to check out our hot sauces that are made right here in Denver, Colorado. Each batch is crafted by hand with all-natural ingredients for the perfect blend of flavors that cooks will love.

Best Gifts for Cooks - Small Batch Hot Sauces are perfect!

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