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Buffalo Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Buffalo Brussel Sprouts Recipe

These spicy brussel sprouts are sure to please! Ingredients:

1 pound of Brussel Sprouts 3 tbsp Franks Hot Sauce 2 tbsp Grundle Thumper Hot Sauce 3 tbsp butter Dash Salt / Pepper 1 tbsp olive oil Cavesman blue cheese (optional, skip if vegan) Directions:

Clean & cut Brussel sprouts in half. Season with olive oil and dash of salt & pepper. Bake on cookie sheet 400 for 20 min. Melt in sauce pan butter and Franks Hot Sauce. Mix brussel sprouts and sauce.

Garnish with blue cheese and drizzle Grundle Thumper for added kick and flavor! If you are vegan, you can skip the blue cheese (or try vegan blue cheese or other cheese substitutes). You can also add nuts such as cashews or almonds, or flavorful Kalamata olives.

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