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Denver Hot Sauces at City Floral

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Denver Hot Sauces at City Floral

We love City Floral garden center in Denver! They have a huge plant selection for houseplants and landscapes. In addition to beautiful plants, they also carry lots of local products like our favorite local pickles from Real Dill, as well as our Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces! Make sure to stop by their beautiful greenhouses to get your oxygen and beauty fix, and pick up one of our hot sauce bottles or a hot sauce gift set!

We have the best Denver hot sauce flavors, because we make them in small batches with only fresh, real ingredients. No preservatives, vegan, and gluten-free, these hot sauces are made to pair perfectly with food. These are not the hottest hot sauces you'll try, in fact, we created them because we felt that most hot sauces on the market were too spicy, too salty, or too vinegary and would overpower food. So we created these food-forward hot sauces that are milder than your standard hot sauce, and, rather than overhwelm the food, they actually elevate and enhance it!

Denver Hot Sauces at City Floral in Denver

You can buy our Denver hot sauces in our online store, or you can also pick them up in specialty shops around Colorado and beyond. Find us in Denver at Pete's Fruits and Vegetables, Larimer Market, 5 Green boxes, Spinelli's, Pearl Wine Co., 12th Avenue Market, Ace Hardware at 104th, The Tended Thicket, South Pearl Street Farmers Market, and also in Colorado Springs at the Buffalo Trading Post, in Lakewood at the Touch of Colorado, and so many more places. To find the closest retailer near you, check out all of the retailers that carry our Colorado hot sauces!

Denver Hot Sauces at City Floral in Denver, Colorado

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