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Best Colorado Hot Sauce

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Looking for the Best Colorado Hot Sauces?

Colorado Hot Sauces from Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce in Denver, CO

If you love hot sauce, then make sure to check out Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces, chef-made right here in Denver, Colorado. We make all six of our hot sauces with all natural ingredients including chile peppers, garlic, onion, tomatillos, dates, and other spices. We never use any thickening agents or preservatives, and all of our sauces are vegan and gluten-free. Our Chef created these hot sauces to pair well with food, and enhance the flavor – not overpower it with too much heat, vinegar or salt.

These Colorado hot sauces were created in our former restaurant, The Crushery, on Pearl Street in Denver. Chef John didn't like the overpowering heat or flavors of hot sauces to serve with our sandwiches and other food, so he whipped up some batches of hot sauce to make the food's flavors sing – and the rest is history. Chef John and Michelle took to the kitchen and Cooper’s Small Batch, named after our son. Now we sell bottles of our Colorado hot sauces to customers, specialty stores, and restaurants in Colorado, and all over the world.

New Colorado Hot Sauces | 2019 & 2020:

Jamaica Killer Sauce Don't be fooled by her pretty facade... Jamaica Killer Sauce may lead with succulent strawberry, lime and hibiscus, but soon, her sweet heat habanero slithers up your tongue- a treat with cheese, roasted vegetables or cured meats. This Jamaican hot sauce is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Every bottle is lovingly handmade with the best ingredients in Denver, Colorado. Always all-natural and gluten and preservative free.

Peaches En Regalia Peaches En Regalia is an explosive Peach hot sauce dressed up with the simple melody of Peaches, Habanero peppers, and the powerful aroma of Rosemary. A sweet heat frenzy that pairs well with cheese, seafood, cured meats and fried food.

Our Colorado hot sauces are all handmade with best ingredients in Denver, Colorado – and they are all all-natural, gluten and preservative free. This peach hot sauce is made with fresh Peaches, Rosemary and Habanero, this newest of our Colorado hot sauces is a real treat!

We work on sourcing the freshest ingredients possible, and make our hot sauces with real ingredients that shine. Our Tomatillo Hot Sauce, shown above, Jal-up-in-you Tomatillo, is made here in Colorado with Jalapeños, Tomatillos, Anaheim Chiles, Garlic and spices that add the perfect acidic flair to any dish. This is one of of our favorite hot sauces.

If you want the Best Habanero Hot Sauce – Make sure to try our Grundle Thumper Hot Sauce for great flavor and heat! This Habanero sauce is perfect drizzled over tacos, roasted vegetables, couscous dishes, potatoes, well, pretty much anything you can think of. We also have an amazing White Hot Sauce named Leche Diablesa. It is a magic hot sauce that you'll never forget! This Colorado-born white hot sauce has great heat and flavor that makes any dish sing. Drizzled over vegetables, seafood, potatoes, you name it, this white hot sauce is made from all-natural ingredients including coconute, lime, and chili peppers. It's hot, but not so hot that you'll cry – and it will make you keep craving more! Try it as a dipping sauce!

Colorado Jerk Hot Sauce - Jerk My Chain

We also make an excellent Jamaican Jerk Sauce called Jerk My Chain. This Jerk Sauce is made with love in Colorado with fresh all-natural ingredients like Jalapeños, onions, garlic, habaneros, gluten-free soy sauce and spices. Don't miss our other best Colorado hot sauces: Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up and our Chipotle Hot Sauce: Smokin' Hot Date. It is hard to choose from all of our flavors, so if you can't decide, or if you're a Colorado Hot Sauce Connoisseur, then try our Hot Sauce Gift Set, the Saucy Six Sampler!

Colorado Hot Sauce Gift Set

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