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Hot Sauce Gift Set

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Looking for gifts for chefs or home cooks?

Our Hot Sauce Gift Set is the perfect addition to any kitchen, as our Chef-created hot sauce flavors make great gifts for cooking enthusiasts. Our hot sauces don't overpower or overwhelm food with overly salty or vinegary flavors, and they are not so hot that you don't taste anything but heat. Our hot sauce flavors were created by a chef to work WITH food rather than overpowering the flavors. Our Hot Sauce Gift Set features our six amazing hot sauces that can be used in the kitchen to complement dishes.

With six amazing flavors, this hot sauce gift set is the perfect gift basket for any chef or home cook. Our White Hot Sauce, Leche Diablesa, is a customer favorite that is made from simple ingredients like coconut milk, lime and chili peppers – it has an amazing cream tropical flavor and pairs nicely with seafood, asian rice dishes, vegetables and even popcorn! Chefs and home cooks delight in our Tomatillo Hot Sauce named All-up-in-yo Tomatillo, as it adds a garden-fresh taste with an acidic twist to elevate flavors in food. It can be used as a marinade, or poured right on a tortilla chip. Our Thai Hot Sauce, Thai Me Up, is also another favorite, with an exotic Thai flavor that adds a Thai kick of flavor to food. Our Jerk Hot Sauce, Jerk My Chain, is also beloved by anyone who likes a little Caribbean flavor added to their chicken or vegetables. Our Habanero Hot Sauce, the Grundle Thumper, is a complex and tasty treat, pairing Habanero peppers with Arbor Chilis and a hint of garlic for a extremely tasty spicy flavor. We've been told that it's the best Habanero Hot Sauce by several of our hot sauce fans. We love it, too!

While many hot sauce brands have a large amount of salt in them, all of our hot sauces are low in sodium. Our six Hot Sauce Gift Set flavors are not laden with salt, so cooks don't have to worry about adding too much salt when you're dashing our flavors onto any dish.

Spicy Dipping Sauces Our hot sauce gift set also makes for a great dipping sauce gift for anyone on your list. Chefs, foodies, vegans, vegetarians alike will love the flavors that each of our six hot sauces add when dipping roasted vegetables, potato wedges, chips, crackers, pitas, meats and breads. Our hot sauces are not made to be so spicy that they overwhelm your whole mouth for hours, rather, they are made to pair perfectly with a wide variety of dishes and dipping appetizers. Each flavor stands out on it's own, and it's fun to try all six with a dipping sauce dinner so you can taste the complexities of each and discover the wide range of flavors that they impart to each bite. Our hot sauces are all-natural and made without any preservatives or thickening agents, and several of our flavors have no or very low sodium. As our hot sauces are gluten-free and vegan, these also make great Vegan Dipping Sauces!

Hot Sauce Gift Set from Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce based in Denver, Colorado

Hot Sauce Gift Set

So if you want to surprise the chef or cook in your life with a perfect cooking gift, check out our Hot Sauce Gift Set which is sure to please! Chefs and foodies alike love having all six of these flavors on hands as they really take any dish up a notch! Each flavor profile is unique and pairs well with a variety of foods – drizzle some over pastas, salads, onto sandwiches, roasted vegetables, mix into stir fries, use a dipping sauces, the sky is the limit. Our hot sauce gift set is the perfect gift that will be used and loved. Don't buy them more kitchen gadgets, get them a hot sauce gift set that they'll actually use and it won't collect dust on a shelf. Happy eating!

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