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Low Sodium Hot Sauce

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Low Sodium Hot Sauce

Low Sodium Hot Sauces are made from Chiles & Spices

If you're looking for healthy hot sauce that is low in sodium and high on flavor, check out Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces – we have several hot sauces that have very little sodium but still taste amazing because they get their flavor from fresh chiles, garlic, onions, and other spices – not salt.

Salt isn't all bad – sodium is essential nutrient that your body needs to maintain proper blood pressure and for providing channels of nerve signaling in the body. But with our modern diet it is easy to consume way too much sodium because it is in practically everything we eat, especially processed foods including hot sauce!

Many hot sauce brands have large amounts of sodium. For example, Louisiana Hot Sauce has 240mg of sodium per serving. Or Tapatio has 110mg of salt per serving. Many Siracha sauces have 100mg+ of sodium as well, plus preservatives like potassium sorbate & sodium bisulfate – not exactly things you want to add to every meal. Many big brand hot sauces use preservatives such as sodium benzoate or thickeners like xanthan gum to make their sauces "gooeyer " and thicker. Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce uses only fresh chile peppers, and other fruits, vegetables and spices to provide thickness and flavor in a healthy way.

If you're looking for low sodium hot sauces to spice up your food, check out our hot sauces below that are made with all-natural ingredients and actually add a healthy dose of flavor to any dish. Our Habanero Hot Sauce, Grundle Thumper is one of our hotter hot sauces, and is considered by many to be the best habanero hot sauce because it is thick, complex and tasty with NO SODIUM, and it's made with flavorful, all-natural ingredients like Habanero peppers, Arbol Chiles, and just a hint of garlic and onion. You'll be shocked by the flavor of this hot sauce without any salt. This is the healthiest chili sauce to put on everything because you don't have to worry about adding sodium to your food to get the spicy flavor you desire. Here's the label with the nutritional facts and ingredients:

Our Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up, has just 10mg of Sodium, which is 0% DV. This amazing Thai Hot Sauce, though super low in salt, is high in flavor and adds a great Thai burst of flavor to any meal. We love sprinkling it over stir fries, curries and soups. Here's the label:

One of our most famous sauces, our exceptional White Hot Sauce, Leche Diablesa, is a customer favorite because it has a wonderful coconut based creaminess and heat that you will love! This is also a Low Sodium Hot Sauce with just 10mg of sodium per serving, so you can drizzle it over tacos, pasta dishes, curries, sandwiches and other food without having to worry that you're adding a lot of salt.

Our White Hot Sauce, Leche Diablesa, makes for a great hot sauce to dash onto dishes like these purple sweet potato tacos below... it adds a wonderful spicy & creamy coconut flavor and really elevates any dish! And, with only just 10mg of sodium per serving (0% of your Daily intake recommended), it can make any food sing without adding unhealthy amounts of salt.

Low Sodium Hot Sauce - White Hot Sauce for Tacos

If you're watching your sodium intake, make sure to add any of these three small-batch low sodium hot sauces to your pantry! With amazing flavor, they will add a burst of goodness to your food without excessive salt. Our chef actually cooked up these hot sauces to serve with our sandwiches and food in our former Denver restaurant, The Crushery, because he felt that all the hot sauces on the market were too vinegary, too spicy, or too salty and they would overpower food. Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces were created to pair well with food rather than overwhelm it. So adding our healthy low-sodium sauces will add great complimentary flavor to your food that you don't have to feel guilty about.

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