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Tomatillo Hot Sauce

Whether you love the flavor or Tomatillos, or if you haven't tasted them before... you have to try the best Tomatillo Hot Sauce that is lovingly made in small batches in Denver, Colorado. This delicious green hot sauce we named  Jal up-in yo Tomatillo combines tangy tomatillos with fresh jalapeños, Anaheim chiles, onion, garlic and spices. The acidic twist of this tomatillo hot sauce elevates the flavors of food like tacos, pasta, rice dishes, and roasted vegetables. Great as a Marinade You can even use this green hot sauce as a marinade for vegetables, pasta, seafood or chicken. Made with all natural ingredients, this jar of Colorado-made Tomatillo Hot Sauce won't last long! We never use any thickening agents other than fresh vegetables, and as with all of our Colorado Hot Sauces, this amazing hot sauce is preservative-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Included in our famous Hot Sauce Gift Set Our Tomatillo hot sauce is highly sought-after by foodies, so make sure to grab a bottle. Or check our our Hot Sauce Gift Set, you'll love having all six of our amazing flavors on hand to enhance any meal. This Colorado Hot Sauce Gift set is the perfect gift for chefs, foodies and home cooks. Our White Hot Sauce, Leche Diablesa, is our top seller because it's devilishly delicious and it's made from simple vegan ingredients like coconut milk, lime and chili peppers. Our addictive Thai Hot Sauce, Thai Me Up has a spicy Thai flavor that goes well with lots of asian dishes. Don't miss our Jerk Hot Sauce, Jerk My Chain, which adds a wonderful Caribbean flavor to chicken and vegetables. A dark and delicious sauce, you won't be able to get enough of our Habanero Hot Sauce: Grundle Thumper which pairs Habanero peppers with Arbor Chilis and garlic for a uber-tasty spicy flavor – it's been called the best Habanero Hot Sauce by several of our hot sauce customers. Get all six in our gift set and try a different one every night of the week, then pick your favorite for the 7th night! You'll love them all.

Tomatillo Hot Sauce - Jal-up-in-yo Tomatillo Hot Sauce by Cooper's Small Batch

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