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Famous Colorado Foods

Famous Colorado Foods - Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces

If you love Colorado-made food, then you'll love Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces! We make our hot sauces from scratch using real ingredients. No fillers, preservatives, gluten or thickeners are ever used – we make our delicious Colorado hot sauces from all natural ingredients. We source our produce from local Colorado growers during the summer months so that we can select chiles at the peak of their flavor. We don't use dried peppers as a lot of the big brand sauces do, we use fresh peppers, garlic, onions, dates and other natural healthy ingredients to add flavor.

Try any or all of our six amazing hot sauce flavors. Our Colorado-made hot sauces are made to pair well with food, we aren't into making the hottest sauce in the world – but rather to make hot sauces that make your recipes shine.

We go to a lot of Farmer's Markets all summer in Colorado – check out our Where to Buy Retailers page (and scroll down to see all the Farmer's Markets we have stands at). We'll be posting updated summer schedules soon!

Famous Colorado Foods - Leche Diablesa White Hot Sauce from Cooper's Small Batch

White Hot Sauce: Leche Diablesa Our top seller that often sells out at Farmer's Markets and events is our extra-special white hot sauce named Leche Diablesa – this spicy vegan white sauce has incredible flavor and creaminess. We use coconuts, Jalapeños, Thai Chiles and Lime Juice to create what we call our "Magic Sauce." Vegans, foodies and chefs all delight in drizzling this to-die-for sauce over tacos, sandwiches, pastas, coleslaws, salads and so much more. Once you try it, you'll want to have this amazing Colorado white hot sauce on hand permanently!

We also have five other flavors including our Tomatillo Hot Sauce: Jal up-in yo Tomatillo which adds a burst of fresh garden flavor to food, or our Habanero Hot Sauce: Grundle Thumper, which has the perfect amount of heat and flavor with Habaneros, Arbol Chiles and garlic. Our Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up is also amazing over asian dishes like stir fries or noodle and rice dishes, adding a nice Thai kick of flavor. If you like tropical spices, check out our Jerk Hot Sauce: Jerk My Chain which has a great Caribbean flavor for making everything from jerk chicken to jerk roasted vegetables. And last, but not least, is our amazing Chipotle Hot Sauce: Smokin' Hot Date which is smoky and sweet.

If you're watching your salt, several of our hot sauces have super low sodium, including our beloved Habanero Hot Sauce: Grundle Thumper which has 0% sodium per serving. Our White Hot Sauce: Leche Diablesa is also low in sodium, having just 10mg of sodium which is 0% of your daily allowance per serving. And our Thai Hot Sauce: Thai Me Up, also has 0% of salt per serving.

Famous Colorado Foods - Best Colorado Hot Sauces

So if you're looking for famous Colorado foods, make sure to try Cooper's Small Batch hot sauce – we are proud to make all of our hot sauces in small batches in a Denver kitchen using fresh, natural ingredients.

Famous Colorado Foods - Hot Sauces

Don't miss our amazing Colorado Hot Sauce Gift Set, which is the perfect Colorado gift for foodies, chefs, and spice-lovers alike. Each of our flavors work perfectly with a variety of foods, the only hard part is deciding which flavor you want to go with! Our Colorado hot sauces also work great for dipping sauces!

Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces at Susan Loves William Boutique in Centennial, Colorado
Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauces at Susan Loves William Boutique in Centennial, Colorado

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